Bylaw Update & Approval

Bylaw Update

bylaw updates

every 5 years local unit pta's are required to make updates to their bylaws. the majority of changes are mandated by Virginia PTA.

Below you will find an outline of the changes that are proposed for this round of changes.

Please contact with any questions.

We hope that you will join us Tuesday, May 8 @ 7PM to approve these Bylaws and to vote for our new officers.

Update 1

Article 9: Executive Board

Section 6. The executive board shall hold at least four (4) meetings during the year.  The time and place of meetings shall be set at the first meeting of the executive board after their election. 

CURRENT ARTICLE XI: EXECUTIVE BOARD, Section 4: Regular meetings of the executive board shall be held during the school year, the time to be fixed by the board at its first meeting of the year.

EXPLANATION: It is required that we specify a minimum number of meeting to be held by the Executive Board.  This is the number recommended by Virginia PTA.

Update 2/3

Article 6:  Officers and Their Election

#Section 4.  Officers shall be elected by the following method:

a. Officers shall be elected at the general membership election meeting in the month of     May or June.

CURRENT Article 8: Officers and their Election

Section 3.b. Officers shall be elected by ballot in the month of May.

EXPLANATION: This allows the Board and the Bylaw Committee some added flexibility in scheduling.

Article 11:  General Membership Meetings

Section 2.  The general membership election meeting shall be held in May or June.

EXPLANATION: This change is required to be consistent with Article 6: Section 4 (see above)

Update 4

Article 8: Executive Committee

Section 1.  The executive committee shall consist of the elected officers of the association and the principal of the school or his/her designee.

EXPLANATION: This allows the Principal (an executive Board Member) added flexibility.