Korean Percussion Class

Korean Percussion Class

Fall Program: October 2 - December 11 Mondays 4pm

Registration Closes September 20 at 5:00pm


Sebastian Wang, Director

This class will be studying a traditional form of Korean percussion known as Samulnori.  Samulnori is a form of contemporary Korean Traditional drumming.  It was created in 1978 and is a very popular style of Korean drumming. Students will learn one of four traditional Korean percussion instruments: the changgo (hour-glass shaped drum), buk(barrel drum), kwaenggwarri(small gong) and jing(large gong). The students will learn how to play the instruments and work together as an ensemble.  They will work together to learn an entire piece and then perform the piece at the end of the class. Students do not need previous music experience. This class will enable students to learn and experience Korean culture in one of its most dynamic forms.

Space is limited to 10 participants.  

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Korean Percussion Class
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